Top 7 Windows and Doors Design Trend 2021

The year 2020 has presented many different challenges for us. Many of us spent more time than ever inside our home. There is increasing demand of natural light, fresh air and energy efficiency to maintain a healthy living environment. How was it changed the requirement of windows and doors design for 2021? What is the future consideration to reflect these requirements in the design inspiration? Check out the following top 7 trending features in the Ontario market.

Large Size Patio Doors

As we head into 2021 with more time spent indoors, there is a strong desire for open space that bring semblance of the outdoors. Seeking bright space and capturing an airy feel is the number one market demand in 2021. A large patio door opening is a promising feature for any custom home and cottage design. Pinnacle Select patio doors deliver aluminum/aluminum and aluminum/wood options with thermal-break. The new launch is offered in multi-slide, bi-fold, inswing and outswing doors with heights up to 12-0 tall. Besides durability, stability and architectural appeal, enhanced components also yield impressive energy efficiency ratings according to product and size. The narrow, contemporary style as well as SDL capabilities have been extremely popular.

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Matte Aluminum Exterior

Windsor’s aluminum clad paint in matte finish offers longevity for any location. These super, durable polyester TGCI and Fluoroset® resin-based paints block the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and repel general air pollution, helping them to maintain their colour over time. And with one of the strongest warranties in the industry, you will be guaranteed with beautiful, stylish colour, season after season, for decades to come.


Stain and Contrasting interior finish

Nothing adds warmth like natural texture in a minimalist design. With design trend shifting to a soft minimalist look from Scandinavian design, luxury is expressed through appreciation of quality and natural material. To best showcase the beauty of wood material with the top quality result, factory finish is top of mind for builders and designers to offer value for their clients. Windsor manufactures added two new finishes, in 2020: black primed and painted gray factory finish. In December 2020, nine new finishes were added that include a clear coat and eight new stain options including two-tone finish in the Ontario market. The feature has caught the eye of designers, helping to resolve on-site challenges for builders. The premium results combined with the ability to complete projects on-site were key attributes that made these finishes a successful launch in 2020.


Modern Farmhouse Style

One of the biggest trends that instantly evoke feelings of warmth and coziness is the farmhouse style. It is not only inviting and comforting, but the style offers a versatile approach that can easily mix with other elements or design styles to create the perfect, rustic oasis that’s unique to you. Large windows with grilles found throughout modern farmhouse styles are popular designs that invite optimal light and space into the home. Black-colored windows and doors are also popular under this category with clean and simple, straight-lines that lend a beautiful contrast to any modern farmhouse.


Custom Entry Doors

The first impression delivered as a homeowner is the look of an entry door, defined by your personality and style. The key principles to consider when deciding on entry doors are materials, color and overall style.
The three most common exterior door materials are wood, fiberglass and steel. Wood is more common choice out of the three that deliver luxury and beauty; smooth horizontal wood panels can give the appeal of a contemporary style. Fiberglass is attractive for their durability and low-key maintenance, and best suited to withstand extreme weather. Steel doors are popular for their strength and great insulation value that help reduce energy costs. No matter which materials you choose, WD CRAFTLINE can create and deliver any custom entry door to suit your personal preferences. 

The color of your door is the first invitation to your home – think about the overall statement you want to claim for it. Consider colours that complement your overall outdoor landscape and bring key elements and tone styles from within your home to help narrow down your choices. Bold colors such as purples, emerald greens and mustard yellows are all gaining popularity to help elevate a dramatic statement.
Glass entry doors have gained popularity for their ability to maximize natural light. Glass effects and frosted glass doors ranging from completely opaque to nearly transparent are options to consider.


Two-tone Finish

The two-tone finish is an innovative feature that produces simplicity, refinement, and sophistication. Have you ever wondered how black frames can look so thin on windows? Designers combine black colour on the sash (glass frame) and white colour of frame (window frame) to reveal the thin profile around windows. The distinction in colours allows our eyes to draw toward a focal point that produces visual contrast, creating the illusion of thinner frames. These frames are sought after for their modern, minimalist yet sophisticated appeal. Windsor offers a Factory two-tone finish on all their windows that not only helps to reduce time and save energy, but also produces a clean and smooth coverage – a task that is typically difficult and costly to accomplish on-site.

Garage Doors

The garage door has been one of the most cost effective ways to upgrade the front look of your house and improvement of curb appeal. It is a large surface area that is often serviced by different companies without a cohesive design concept. Bold color or rich wood texture adds a touch of luxury to any exterior finish. Like new window design, modern style has taken the main stage in the 2021 trend. We have seen the new designs include a large glass component in a combination of vinyl or fiberglass door materials to create a bright and insulated environment inside the garage. With more time spent at home, we can now fully utilize the space as personal office, exercise area or craft studio.

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