How to Clean Windows like a Pro!

As temperatures are getting warmer, and the winter is somewhat behind us (fingers crossed!), many of us are eager to welcome Spring weather with open arms. Especially with some regions in Southern Ontario that are still in lockdown due to the pandemic, Spring is the perfect time of the year to invite fresh air and sunlight into the house by opening windows and doors. Double hung windows are great for allowing more air flow and ventilation as they provide homeowners the flexibility to open both bottom and top panel, called a sash. Let that air filter into the home, while you tackle some home cleaning tasks (both inside and outside of the house), and/or work on any custom renovation projects that you have been eagerly planning this past winter.

Cleaning windows should be easy and require little time. Our Pinnacle aluminum clad wood windows and Next Dimension vinyl windows require little exterior maintenance; a mild rinsing is all that is needed. If your windows are in serious need of cleaning, whether for your residential or commercial needs, be sure to follow the tips below on how to clean your windows like a professional!

Supplies you will need:

  • Microfiber cloth (or any dry cloth)
  • Scrubbing pad
  • Scraper
  • Bucket
  • Dish liquid & warm water (or a solution of your choice)

Steps to Clean your Windows:

1. Start off by using a dry cloth to wipe away any debris, dirt, or cobwebs that linger around your windows. If necessary, use a card or soft plastic scraper to scrape off any hard, sticky substances or dirt that may be difficult to remove. (Be careful and not to scrape off any finishes!) Now would be a great time to inspect (might as well) and clean the exterior surfaces nearby!

2. Fill your bucket halfway with warm water and add some drops of dish liquid (or you may opt to use a favourite solution cleaner of your choice). Damp the scrubbing pad with the bucket of solution and wipe your windows with the pad.

3. Next, use a squeegee on the windows, applying in a ‘n-shape’ wiping motion (think of the shape of a rainbow), starting at the top from one side, moving and curving side to side, as you work your way down in the ‘n-shape’ wiping motion. This wiping method will prevent any water mark residues that may be left behind on the sides of the windows.

4. Lastly, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excessive moisture, and let windows dry.

For extra easy cleaning, look for windows that allow you to clean the exterior glass surface from inside the home. Casement windows are specially designed to allow you to clean from the inside. Windsor’s double hung windows, in both the Pinnacle wood line and Legend CPVC line, are available with EZ Tilt sashes. This clever design allows you to disengage the sash, tilting it inward, which makes cleaning and maintaining your windows much easier. Our Next Dimension single hung vinyl windows are designed with a similar benefit. The Easy-Out Sash System integrates a deep, rigid extruded vinyl pocket, which creates an overlapping frame for the sash. This proven side-load design allows for complete removal of the lower sash, which allows access to the entire window from the inside. You can have easy-to-maintain and stylish windows all in one go!

Remember to follow the above tips to also clean patio glass doors and front-entry glass doors that may have gotten neglected over the years. For larger-sized and taller glass patio doors, use an extension rod and attach to the scrubbing pads and squeegee to help you reach the more difficult and higher areas of the glass windows. At last, you will now have clean and spotless looking windows ready to welcome you into Spring!

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